Stronglight - Catalogue 2001

Stronglight Catalogue 2001 page 001 main image

This 2001 catalogue is the only document that I have ever seen that shows the Stronglight derailleurs from the age when it absorbed some Sachs/SRAM designs.

The range displayed is:

  • Stronglight Speedlight in double and triple versions - a lightly disguised Sachs New Success.
  • Stronglight Mygal in double and triple versions - a Sachs Rival 7000or something similar.
  • Stronglight Asphalt in double and triple versions - a Sachs Neos or something similar.
  • Stronglight Century - a version of one of the Sachs D.I.R.T. designs. The all-black look and blue pulley wheels are reminiscent of the SRAM Neos derailleur.
  • Stronglight Rockstrong in standard and DH Trial versions - a Sachs Quarz.

Note that the Stronglight Asphalt pictured on page 7 has its inner pulley cage fitted backwards.

My thanks go to Ɓukasz, from Poland, for sending me these rare and interesting scans.