Trivia - an introduction

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All of my three collections, of derailleurs, of documents and finally of trivia are incomplete - but my collection of trivia is especially incomplete. I hope to get this up to speed soon...

You can browse the trivia collection in three different ways:

  • By items. This will, one day, be a huge unwieldy list sorted by theme - to give you the big picture.
  • By brands. They get everywhere.
  • By themes. Perhaps music is your bag, or maybe it is jewellery that floats your boat...

In addition to the trivia collection this site has three other sections:

  • The core collection of gears. Rear derailleurs from around the world and across the decades in all their rusty glory.
  • A collection of documents relating to derailleurs, such as catalogues, instruction leaflets and patents. Some of these are surprisingly beautiful and/or interesting. Others, well they are derailleur catalogues.
  • A list of links that I have found entertaining and often useful.

As a handy guide, each of these sections of the site has its own colour scheme, and its own navigation menus - smart, huh?

You can use the arrows like this to move to the page that I deem to be logically next (or previous).

Finally no website is complete without a 'social media strategy' - and this one is no exception. You can find a link to my Facebook group in the footer of each page. This is what Facebook calls a 'closed' group - to avoid the evil that is spam-bots you have to ask to join it - but I am unlikely to refuse membership to anyone human. This group is growing, and is becoming a useful forum for discussing all things derailleur.

I hope you will find some of this stuff useful.