ZZR - Instrukcja Obsługi Rowerów 1964

ZZR - Instrukcja Obslugi Rowerow 1964 front cover main image

Another document for which I have an irrational fondness. Who can resist the allure of the merry cyclist on the cover with his raunchy red neckerchief, red check trousers (or are they ‘slacks’?) and his winning smile. I also venture that a bit of mould adds a certain air of authenticity to any manuscript.

In terms of derailleurs:

  • The action starts on page 20 and carries on to page 23.
  • The derailleur shown is a single cable, pull-chain, model. This is not exactly identical to the dual cable ZZR (1st style) in this collection. I have once glimpsed this single cable version in the flesh.

  • Publisher: ZZR
  • Country: Poland
  • Date: 1964
  • Derailleur brands: ZZR
  • Derailleurs: ZZR pull-chain design