Wonderful & Comfortable ... Fuji Touring Bike

Wonderful & Comfortable ... Fuji Touring Bike scan 01 main image

This rather wonderful & comfortable leaflet describes a rather wonderful and comfortable Fuji touring bike (I believe that this is their, somewhat whimsical, choice of words).

The drawing on the cover shows a drop-handlebar bike with a double chainwheel, a speedometer and a SunTour 8.8.8. Wide derailleur. The actual bike shown in the photograph on scan 2 appears to be a straight-handlebar model with no speedometer, a single chainwheel and a Shimano 3.3.3. derailleur. Even allowing for the necessary artistic license, this difference seems a tad extreme.

Nerd alert - I have identified the derailleur model in the photo as a Shimano design because of the layout of the cutouts in the outer parallelogram plate. There are very similar Sanko models, but these have a different pattern of cutouts.

The date of 1961 is just a guess.

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