Vittoria - freewheel box

Vittoria - freewheel box scan 1 main image

This is just a box that once contained a Vittoria freewheel - but it has its interesting features. These include:

  • The front of the box refers to 23 World Championships - presumably won by Vittoria equipped riders.
  • One side displays the words 'Vittoria Impero Export' which I would translate as 'Vittoria Empire Export'. I thought this box dated from the 1950s - so I don't understand the reference to 'Empire'.
  • Another side refers to the Vittoria Margherita as 'the pioneer of the derailleur' and '14 times World Champion'. Given the message on the front of the box, this would imply that some other Vittoria derailleur has won 9 World championships.
  • A further side calls the Vittoria Giuseppina as 'the jewel of derailleurs'.
  • The final side refers to Amadeo Nieddu (the owner of Vittoria) as 'Cav. Uff.' which is a contraction off 'Cavaliere Ufficiale' which is roughly the Italian equivalent of a knighthood.
  • The back merely shows a five speed freewheel.

  • Publisher: Vittoria
  • Country: Italy
  • Date: 1952?
  • Derailleur brands: Vittoria
  • Derailleurs: Vittoria Margherita (3rd style), Vittoria Giuseppina