USSR Patent # 380,518 - Kharkov

USSR Patent 380,518 - Kharkov main image

This patent covers Kharkov Velocipyed Zavod’s copy of a 1963 Campagnolo Record. The main difference from the design I have called Kharkov (1st style) is that, in this patent, the pivot point of the pulley cage does not lie on a line between the centres the two pulleys - instead it is offset. The Kharkov (1st style) is a copy of the 1953 Campagnolo Gran Sport.

  • Publisher: Rospatent
  • Inventor: Vassily Maksimovich Majboroda & Philip Aleksandrovich Priboloi
  • Country: Russia
  • Date: USSR application filed June 1970
  • Derailleur brands: Kharkov
  • Derailleurs: Kharkov copy of a Campagnolo Record