UK Patent # 818,266 - Resilion

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This patent covers the design of the Resilion Crimson Star. On a cursory reading it is not clear to me exactly what is original about it - as the Resilion Crimson Star seems to be me to be a fairly faithful copy of a Cyclo Benelux Mark 7. I must read it again more carefully - as with many patents, the devil may be in the (virtually irrelevant) detail.

The inventor is shown as Edward Arthur Millward of The Resilion Company Ltd. of Smethwick, Birmingham. In the 1949 UK patent # 664,186 for the Phillips derailleur design, the inventor is also shown as Edward Arthur Millward but of J. A. Phillips & Co. Ltd. of Smethwick, Birmingham. This is further evidence that, by 1956, Phillips had taken over Resilion and moved its operations from London to Birmingham.

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