UK Patent # 664,186 - Phillips

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This patent, taken out by Phillips, describes a derailleur with a very distinctive pulley cage. As was common at the time, it shows two variants, an axle mounting version (see scan 5) and a chainstay mounting version (see scan 6).

The axle mounting version was definitely released branded as ‘Phillips’, probably in 1950. There may also have been a chainstay mounting version branded ‘Phillips’ - but I have never seen one. When Phillips bought Resilion, possibly in 1954, the chainstay mounting version was released branded ‘Resilion’. In a mirror image of the ‘Phillips’ derailleurs, there may have been an axle mounting ‘Resilion’ model - but again I have never seen one.

Scan 7 shows a correction made to the patent in December 1954. This may have happened as part of the process of re-releasing the derailleurs branded as Resilion. The inventor is shown on this Phillips patent as one Edward Arthur Millward. Edward Arthur Millward is also listed as inventor on the Resilion patent for the design of the Resilion Crimson Star - illustrating the inter-linking of the two brands.

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