UK Patent # 382,104 - TriVelox

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This patent makes no mention of ‘TriVelox’ or of the Triumph Company Limited, but Alec Shuttleworth and William Hill have addresses in Keighley in Yorkshire, and have used Walford & Hardman Brown of Coventry as their Patent Agent. Coventry is a mere 140 miles from Keighley.

Walford & Hardman Brown were, however, the preferred Patent agents used by the Triumph Company Limited (which was also based in Coventry).

This patent shows the original Trivelox operating mechanism with the cable moving a plate which, rather crudely, shoves the freewheeel block from side to side, changing gear while the chainline stays in the same ‘correct’ position.

The scan of page 3 is corrupted (by the UK Intellectual Property Office, not by me) - but this is as it should be. It’s a a heart-warming echo of that point in every 20th century home slide show (with real slides!) where the slide projector jams, the heat of the bulb melts the film, your father inexplicably explodes with fury and swears wildly, your three-year-old niece starts to cry uncontrollably, your mother, slightly too viciously, blames your father for ruining what had been a very pleasant afternoon, your aunt and uncle suddenly remember that they have a pressing appointment somewhere else, your granny wakes up and asks what in God’s name is going on etc. etc.. A corrupted scan is a valid skein in life’s rich tapestry.

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