TriVelox - catalogue 1937

TriVelox catalogue - 1937 front cover main image

I note:

  • That you can’t be cynical about the achievement of Walter Greaves (page 3) - cycling 45,000 miles in one year - and only having one arm.
  • The British obsession with chainline (on many/most pages!) - but Walter only wore out two chains.
  • The ‘freehub’ design and the clear understanding that this allows you to move the bearings to the outside - saving broken axles (see page 1). Where did this knowledge go for 40 years?
  • The large number of spare parts that cost one penny (pages 19 to 28) - and this is in real money not this new-fangled, toy-town, decimal, nonsense.

  • Publisher: TriVelox
  • Country: UK
  • Date: 1937
  • Derailleur brands: TriVelox
  • Derailleurs: TriVelox A series, Trivelox B series, Trivelox C series