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This web site has a fatal limitation as a historical document - only one derailleur (the Tiso Altore 366) is pictured. However it describes a range of 4 derailleurs:

  • The Tiso Sereo 130- a 177g racing model with a 48mm cage that seems to be compatible with 8, 9 and 10 speed Campagnolo systems.
  • The Tiso Altore 366 - also a 177g racing model with a 48mm cage but which seems to be compatible with 8, 9 and 10 speed Shimano systems.
  • The Tiso Venda 601 - a touring model with a 64mm cage that seems to be compatible with 8 and 9 Shimano systems. I am not entirely clear whether this is the older more angular design or the newer more curvaceous model. I am guessing (from the cage length) that it is the earlier, angular,model.
  • A brand new Tiso Tri 300 - a racing model launched in November 2005 that seems to be 12g lighter (at 165g).

All the derailleurs are CNC machined from 7075T6 - a high strength aluminium alloy with good fatigue resistance - and use Ti-6Al-4V titanium pivots. Classy stuff - but then Tiso indulges in ‘search and developpment’ and ‘boats the experience in design and realisation of special components for bycicle’. They are, clearly, so focussed on their engineering that there is no single neuron left to attend to that pesky proofreading.

The graphic style is also a touch bizarre - Robocop meets Ironman in a blizzard of distracting shapes.

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