Tiso - web advert December 2012

Tiso - web advert December 2012 main image

This web advert for a wireless groupset was issued only one year after Tiso had issued a leaflet depicting an entirely different wireless groupset! A year previously the rear derailleur was shown as attractively angular and edgy, and used a parallelogram mechanism. Here the rear derailleur is a rather unsightly and shapeless blob that uses a toothed belt keep the pulley cage parallel with the chainline.

There can be many reasons for companies to suddenly change course like this - but, in the modern world, abuse of the patent system by others is often one of them. Big companies, whose names may, or may not, begin with the letter 'S', like to apply for a blizzard of patents covering every particular variant of a general design. They do this even though they may have no intention of ever bringing these variants to market. It would be outrageous to even suggest that their motives in applying for all these patents might be to restrict competition - so I won't.

I have a vague belief that this Tiso electronic derailleur is one of the parents of the FSA K-Force WE - you can trace the lineage through the relevant stream of patents.

The tiny writing at the top right hand corner reads something like:

“Tech info: Wireless electronic group compatible with 10 and 11 speed Campagnolo/Shimano/SRAM groups or 12 speed Tiso. Made up of 4 components (rear derailleur-front derailleur-lever-cassette) manufactured in Aluminium/Titanium/Ceramic/Carbon. Works with a normal AAA rechargeable batteries. Protected by 5 international patents. Uses radio frequency and Bluetooth.”

  • Publisher: Tiso
  • Country: Italy
  • Date: December 2012
  • Derailleur brands: Tiso with possible links to FSA
  • Derailleurs: Tiso electronic derailleur - a possible precursor to the FSA K-Force WE
Tiso - web advert December 2012 main image

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