Terrot poster - 1905?

Terrot poster - 1905 main image

1905 has Francisco Tamagno showing ‘L’Impertinente’ (‘the cheeky girl’) using a bike fitted with a Terrot Modèle H derailleur, while ‘the cheeky boy’ rides his Terrot Lévocyclette. The Lévocyclette used a lever drive system with 10 notches on the levers to give 10 different gear ratios. Gear changing was controlled by a twist grip.

In the background are the Alps around Chamonix, site of the Touring Club de France (TCF) technical trials of 1905, at which Terrot won a gold medal for innovation in gear shifting.

Terrot poster - 1905 main image
Terrot poster - 1905 additional image 01