Terrot - catalogue 1963

Terrot - catalogue 1963 scan 1 main image

By 1963 Terrot had been fully absorbed into the Peugeot empire, right down to the typefaces and graphic style. Scan 4 features a photo that seems to show only one Terrot team member but 4 members of the Peugeot team (one of whom may just possibly be Tommy Simpson).

Terrot (and Peugeot) were as confused by the Simplex derailleur range as everyone else. The high technology plastic Simplex Prestige appears on both the top of the range racing PX10 and the workaday PX45, but the core touring models stick with the tried (and almost trusted) Simplex Rigidex design. Was the Simplex Prestige as strong and reliable as Simplex claimed? Could it really cope with touring ratios - the perfect gear for every use? Was it a top-of-the-line piece of jewellery or an inexpensive utiltarian object? Terrot clearly did not know.