T.C.F. Revue Mensuelle
May 1910 - Gauloise advert

T.C.F. Revue Mensuelle May 1910 - Gauloise advert main image

This small ad raises an issue of passing interest. It appears to be for an Eadie bicycle. Further, it appears to claim that this Eadie bicycle had a 4 speed transmission that used two chains and a foot operated clutch ‘de la Gauloise’. Using the razor-sharp, forensic, powers of my schoolboy French, I am, unfortunately, unable to determine whether this means the clutch system was branded ‘La Gauloise’ or whether it was from a La Gauloise bicycle - or even whether it is in the style of a La Gauloise bicycle.

In general, people seem to have referred to Paul de Vivie’s bicycles as being La Gauloise and to his transmissions fitted to other branded bikes as being the ‘système de Vivie’. It may not have been as clearcut as that.

(Source gallica.bnf.fr/ Bibliothèque nationale de France)