Taiwanese Patent # I396649/201144147 - KCNC

Taiwanese patent 201144147 - KCNC main image

This is the first of three patents, held by Chang-Hui Lin of KCNC, relating to derailleur designs. This one involves a sliding cylinder mechanism, driven by tongue running in a helical groove. As such it combines the helical drive of Claudius Boullier and Albert Raimond's original 1924 Le Cyclo design, with the angled shaft of Claudius Boullier's 1949 patent.

At the time I heard rumours that KCNC were developing a revolutionary derailleur that was driven by hydraulics, or electronics, or some other unspecified but decidedly idiosyncratic system. In fact all of KCNC's designs, while unarguably radical and interesting, are controlled by conventional Bowden cables.

I don't think that KCNC has ever put this design into production.