Taiwanese Patent # 281,977 - Falcon?

Taiwan patent 281,977 - Falcon? main image

Like Taiwan patent # 277,493, this patent is hard for me to understand - as I do not read Chinese of any sort. It clearly relates to the AutoBike Classic automatic derailleur system, marketed by the US-based AutoBike brand. But this patent was applied for in Taiwan, and there is no obvious equivalent US patent.

The bibliographic data for this patent, on the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office web site, is also incomplete - so it is hard to tell who the inventor is and whether or not the patent is assigned to a company. I think that the inventor may be Yu Zhengwei. If anyone outhere can read the text and divine any further, or better, details please let me know!

The drawings give some understanding of the wacky AutoBike Classic mechanism. A device that automatically changed gear according to your speed.

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