Taiwan Excellence - web site 2020

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The Taiwan Excellence web site lists the winners of the Taiwan Excellence Awards - annual awards, established in 1993, to encourage Taiwanese companies to move up the value chain by introducing higher quality, and more innovative, products.

It is therefore a touch ironic that the english on this web site is so bad, the thumbnails are accidentally shown as the main photos, and that, in the case of the SunRace M30, even the thumbnail has been accidentally swapped with that of another page. As John Selden noted, preachers say, 'Do as I say, not as I do.'

Award winners include:

  • 1998 - AutoBike - this bike uses the AutoBike Classic derailleur system, manufactured by Falcon.
  • 1999 - Falcon Automatic Derailleur (AD-30) - this is the design used by AutoBike and LandRider, which was manufactured in Taiwan by Falcon.
  • 2000 - Falcon Novel (MR40A) derailleur - a fairly basic model, but featuring Falcon's a split outer pulley cage plate reminiscent of SunTour's Quick Cage.
  • 2000 - SunRace R80? (SR-598) derailleur - a tidy conventional derailleur is shown, but I am not sure exactly what model it is. It looks like an R80, but appears to be branded 'Juju'.
  • 2001 - Falcon Volante (RD-VS) derailleur - an under the chainstay model eerily similar to the SunTour SX-100.
  • 2002 - SunRace M30 (RDM30LD) derailleur - the page for this, with the correct heading, text etc. is shown as image 6, but this page has the wrong photograph. The correct photograph is on image 7.
  • 2003 - SRAM X.0 (913-300) derailleur - it's interesting that this fine, and undoubtedly innovative, model was considered to be 'Taiwanese' enough to win a government award.
  • 2006 - SunRace Juju M90 (M95) derailleur - complete with Magnesium alloy parts.

It is very difficult to find dates for Taiwanese derailleurs - so these awards are very helpful to amateur derailleur history sleuths!