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I have seen Supjam written as 'Supjam', 'Sup-Jam', 'Sup Jam', 'Sup J.A.M.' and 'Sup-J.A.M.'. I think that the last of these might be the most informative. I think that the 'Sup' is some kind of Argentinian variant of 'Super' or 'Superior'. I also think that J.A.M. may be some initials that I have yet to decode. In terms of its name, there is some similarity with Super JIC.

I think that they were probably based in Buenos Aires.

I further think that Supjam may have been active from the early 1950s possibly until the 1980s, making accurately constructed derailleurs with touch of decorative flair. In the early years they made, rather fetching, pull-chain derailleurs that drew on elements of Huret and Simplex designs, mixed and matched in bizarre combinations.