Super Champion - price list 1948

Super Champion - price list 1948 scan 1 main image

This price list captures the flavour of three things:

  • The clean simplicity of Super Champion’s 1948 product range - made up of various minor variants of just three basic designs, the single pulley Mondial, the double pulley Sport and the fork-type Tour de France.
  • The pivotal role that Super Champion had played in establishing the derailleur in professional cycling, with a fistful of wins in the Tour de France, the World Championships and the Classics.
  • The humungous size of Oscar Egg’s ego with a whole section devoted to his achievements, which though astounding, were, at the time of this price list, ancient history and from a pre-war world that must have seemed as if it was from another planet.

  • Publisher: Super Champion
  • Country: France
  • Date: 1948
  • Derailleur brands: Super Champion
  • Derailleurs: Super Champion Mondial, Super Champion Mondial Luxe, Super Champion Sport, Super Champion Sport Luxe, Super Champion Tour de France