SunTour Flash News - Jan '79

SunTour Flash News - Jan '79 page 1 main image

Devoted to Suntour’s BMX components, this Flash News contains some gems:

  • It explains the two ways of operating the two speed SunTour Hole Shot (2900). First there is a conventional Sturmey-Archer-like trigger control - but with just two positions. But, second, there is the racing mode - here the control level is similar to a brake lever. You hold it in while on the starting line - keeping the bike in the low gear for rapid acceleration. Then immediately after the start, you release your grip on the lever and it springs out, just like a brake lever, putting you into the higher gear.
  • Another of those great mistranslated lines on page 2: “It is our great delight to see BMX have breathed a flesh air into the bicycle industry, and getting popular and popular day by day.”
  • And then there is the picture of Ichiro Kawai on page 8 - sporting a fine style that is Charles-Bronson-meets-spooky-Yakusa-dude. Bicycle executives these days don’t have that kind of élan.

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