SunTour Bicycle Equipment Catalog No. 62

SunTour Bicycle Equipment Catalog No 62 - Front cover main image

New for Suntour’s model year 1985:

This was a multitude of changes to make in one model year - but it is hard to see any of them as a real step forward and easy to see many of them as a significant step backwards. To the consternation of bicycle mechanics the world over, SunTour had suddenly, inexplicably and totally lost the plot. It is often said the the tragic demise of SunTour was caused by its inability to produce a reliable index gear system to compete with Shimano’s SIS. However this catalogue clearly demonstrates that the problems started long before SIS had any traction in the market.

I have displayed the pages of this catalogue in a slightly enlarged format because the type is so tiny.

  • Publisher: SunTour
  • Country: Japan
  • Date: 1984
  • Derailleur brands: SunTour
  • Derailleurs: too numerous to mention - please see the individual pages