SunTour ’76 Products

SunTour 76 Products - scan 1 main image

Another great SunTour catalogue, introducing their slightly odd photography featuring the components lying on a polished sheet with seascapes in the background - a graphic device that they used again and again.

In terms of derailleurs, 1976 sees the arrival of the SunTour Cyclone GT and the SunTour Seven and Seven GT. The SunTour Honor moves on from its 1975 incarnation to its 1976 form - with the cable clamp mounted on the parallelogram pivot pin.

In a burst of self mockery, SunTour have christened the fixed cog lock ring with the name ‘Rock Ring’ - although for the schoolboy joke to work properly that should surely be Rock Ling.

I have slightly enlarged the pages of this catalogue so that you can read the microscopic writing.