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These are the pages detailing rear derailleurs taken from the 2004 SunRace web site. They are a touch odd. The site is designed to describe rear derailleurs from 8 groupsets, but only has meaningful content for 4 of them, the other 4 'ghost' groupsets seem to exist only as in intention.

The 4 'ghost' groupsets look like they were meant to be top-end ones. They are:

  • MZ
  • DH
  • MX
  • M90

The 4 lower-end groupsets that actually have content are:

  • M60
  • M50
  • M42
  • R80

The SunRace R80 derailleur is shown in what looks like prototype form with just the word 'SunRace' on the outer parallelogram plate and with the rather complex b-pivot adjustment mechanism that was popular with Taiwanese manufacturers in the 1990s.

In other news, all the basic, low-end, pressed steel derailleurs that were SunRace's bread and butter - are noticeably absent. Even more surprising is the absence of the big-selling SunRace M30 which was, as far as I was aware, launched in 2002. All very strange.

  • Publisher: SunRace
  • Country: Taiwan
  • Date: 2004
  • Derailleur brands: SunRace
  • Derailleurs: SunRace M60 (M60LD), SunRace M50 (M50LD), SunRace M50 (M50LB), SunRace M42 (M40XD), SunRace M42 (M40XB), SunRace R80 (R82)

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