SRAM - Spare Parts List 2001

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As with the 2000 edition, this document appears to be called 'Sparepartslist' in a very German-compound-noun-style. I have, again, decided to ignore the inclinations of those infamous Danube Steam Ship Electricians and call it 'Spare Parts List'.

The rear derailleurs appear on page 3 to page 9 inclusive. The SRAM 1:1 actuation derailleurs were all redesigned for model year 2001, and a SRAM 4.0 was added, so the derailleur range seems to be:

Models with 1:1 Actuation ratio:

  • SRAM 9.0SL short cage (01)*
  • SRAM 9.0SL long cage (01)*
  • SRAM 9.0 (01)*
  • SRAM 7.0 (01)*
  • SRAM 5.0 (01)*
  • SRAM 4.0 (01)*

Models with Shimano compatible actuation ratio:

  • SRAM Plasma
  • SRAM Quarz
  • SRAM Neos
  • SRAM Centera

* New or improved for model year 2001

Note that, as in previous years, this document includes elements of the '3X7' combined hub gear and derailleur system. The derailleur for this was a nasty plastic and steel Sachs Traxx, but this is not shown anywhere.

  • Publisher: SRAM
  • Country: USA, with manufacturing in Taiwan and France
  • Date: January 2001
  • Derailleur brands: SRAM
  • Derailleurs: too many to list

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