SRAM - 2014 Product Collections

SRAM 2014 Product Collections page 001 main image

Like the 2013 version, this SRAM catalogue was produced by Monza Imports - the Australian importer of SRAM products. As in the 2013 version, there is no coverage of Zipp wheels and little coverage of SRAM's 'urban' products. Page 2 includes the index of SRAM's full 2013 catalogue. It lists 131 pages, and there are only 90 pages in the Monza Imports version.

Some things that I note are:

  • A new 1X10 SRAM X01 derailleur appeared. It had most of the features of the SRAM XX1.
  • A new SRAM X7 Type 2 range was introduced with a clutch etc. The SRAM X7 Type 2 was available in the usual 3 cage lengths; short for Downhill, medium for 2X10 and long cage for 3X10
  • The silver SRAM X5 reappears.

  • Publisher: SRAM
  • Country: USA, with manufacturing in Taiwan
  • Date: 2013?
  • Derailleur brands: SRAM
  • Derailleurs: too many to list