SRAM - 2010 Product Collections

SRAM 2010 Product Collections scan 001 main image

Some things that I note are:

  • The Urban range appears to include the SRAM DualDrive 27, SRAM DualDrive 24 and the new SRAM Via (which was a 24 speed)
  • The SRAM XX appears
  • The SRAM X-0 is shown in six different finishes: Redwin (red), Tango (orange), Cash (green), Pinkslip (pink), Nugget (gold) and Standard (which SRAM call 'grey' but I would call silver). Lovers of 'American, buddy-cop, action, comedy' movies will chuckle for a nanosecond over the choice of Tango & Cash as two of the colour names - although it's hard to know which is worse - having your derailleur named for Sylvester Stallone or for Kurt Russell
  • The SRAM X-3 replaces the SRAM 3.0

  • Publisher: SRAM
  • Country: USA, with manufacturing in Taiwan
  • Date: 2009?
  • Derailleur brands: SRAM
  • Derailleurs: too many to list