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This out-pouring of PR blurb celebrates 30 years of SR SUNTOUR. A company formed out of the corpses of two fallen, but once Herculean, drivetrain companies - that amazingly has gone on to become a huge player in the market for suspension forks. It's exceedingly rare that desperate mergers like this ever come to anything (British Leyland, anyone?), but, seemingly, it can work.

Some relevant facts from this document are:

  • - SR SUNTOUR was formed in 1987 in Japan.
  • - It opened its first factory in Taiwan in 1988. At the time this manufactured mid to high-end aluminium components. I was slightly surprised to see the SunTour MounTech II GTL pictured, as my example is dated 1985 and labelled as made in Japan.
  • - It opened its first factory in China in 2001 and, in 2004, opened a further factory in Kunshan to manufacture drivetrain components. Again a derailleur is pictured.

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