Spanish Patent # 347,173 - Triplex

Spanish Patent 347,173 - Triplex main image

Up until this patent, Triplex patents have been held by Antonio Bascaran Rementeria. Now Guillermo Bascaran Iturrioz takes over.

The design covered in this patent is vaguely interesting. The flat plates and springs in the parallelogram and the hanger bolt arrangement are pure Huret Svelto. The combination of a Huret Svelto and an offset pulley cage is reminiscent of a Zeus Alfa Junior. But I think that the adjustment screws and pulley cage spring arrangement are Triplex’s very own work.

I do not know if this beauty ever made it into production - but I hope so. If so, Triplex would join the select band of Huret Svelto immitators that includes not only Zeus of Spain, but also Roto of Italy and ZZR in Poland.