Simplex Tourist 303 - instructions

Simplex Tourist 303 - instructions scan 1 main image

“What is a ‘Tourist’ Gear? The word itself is technically meaningless except that it describes a gear that will be used primarily by Cyclists who want ‘to go places’.

The Touring Cyclist will usually have a much varied course for his roaming and his cycle must take him with the least pedalling effort, and this means a gear with the widest possible range.

For this reason we have designed a gear with a 30 Teeth ‘cruising’ variation and a maximum of 34 teeth.”

What can we make of this pompous drivel? What is a ‘cruising’ variation? Why, in the last sentence, does the word ‘Teeth’ have a capital letter when it first appears and no capital when it appears a second time?

No wonder the people of Britain couldn’t wait for the stick-in-the-mud 1950s to end and the swingin’ 60s to begin.

Nice pictures, though...