Simplex Price List No. 24

Simplex Price List No 24 scan 1 main image

This Simplex UK price from 1957 is a little dull in terms of graphic presentation, but does have its interesting points:

  • The splendid slogan ‘Simplex ... The gear with guts and glamour’ - give that copywriter a chocolate watch (scan 2).
  • The claim that there were 10 million Simplex users the world over (scan 2).
  • The additional claim that, at the time, Simplex produced more derailleurs than all its competitors put together (scan 2).
  • The prices (scan 4). The Simplex Juy 543 was 69/6, or 3 pounds 9 shillings and six pence equivalent to £3.48. The Bank of England’s handy inflation calculator indicates that this is the equivalent of £68.84 in 2011 - which, given the £400+ price of Shimano’s Dura-Ace Di2 in 2011, seems remarkably reasonable for a pro-quality derailleur. The humble Simplex Tour de France was 22/6, equivalent to £22.35 in 2011 - roughly in line with Shimano Sora.
  • The illustration of the ‘Get You Home’ device on scan 4.

  • Publisher: Simplex
  • Country: France, although this price list was produced in the UK
  • Date: 1957
  • Derailleur brands: Simplex
  • Derailleurs: Simplex Tour de France, Simplex Tour de France Deluxe, Simplex Juy 51, Simplex Juy 543, Simplex Tourist 303