Simplex 1954 - catalogue

Simplex 1954 - catalogue page 1 main image

I particularly notice:

  • The idea that thumbshifters were particularly suitable for women (page 6) - perhaps Simplex were fated to miss out on the Mountain Bike boom.
  • The totally bonkers ‘Guidonstop’ braking mechanism (page 16 and page 17)- you would have to like hospital food to even try it.
  • The ‘get you home’ device (page 17) - that old codgers were still reminiscing about in the 1970s.
  • The featuring of Fausto Coppi (page 22) - even though he had used a Campagnolo Gran Sport as early as 1951.
  • The appearance of Jacques Anquetil (page 23) - as a ‘revelation of 1953’.