Simplex - Tarif Détail No 18 1953

Simplex - Tarif Detail No 18 1953 scan 1 main image

It's always hard to get excited by a price list, but they sometimes provide tedious detail that is considered too nerdy for more lavish documents.

In this case you may like to note the existence of the Simplex Tour de France Luxe - a version of the Tour de France with a chain detensioning feature. This is a model that is different from, and slightly cheaper than, the Simplex Juy 51.

These are the retail prices, the trade prices are here. The profit margin for retailers appears to be a miserly 25% (unless I am misunderstanding the tax content) - so no one is going to get rich retailing Simplex!

  • Publisher: Simplex
  • Country: France
  • Date: 1953
  • Derailleur brands: Simplex
  • Derailleurs: Simplex Tour de France, Simplex Tour de France Luxe, Simplex Juy 51, Simplex Rigidex, Simplex Grand Tourisme