Simplex - Changements de Vitesses

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This is a beautiful, stylish catalogue with a fabulously decadent and doomed ‘fin de siècle’ air about it. The elegant Art Deco type faces, the spacious layout, the striking colouring (yellow on black for the cover, navy and turquoise on cream for the content) and the exceptional quality of the engravings are all a joy to behold. But none of this consummate presentational sophistication can hide the glaring fact that the products on display are years out of date and well below par.

Tragedy as art.

The insert is one of the few instances, that I know of, of a description of the Simplex Junior 4D, possibly the first ever derailleur for children.

  • Publisher: Simplex
  • Country: France
  • Date: 1960
  • Derailleur brands: Simplex
  • Derailleurs: too many to list - see individual pages