Shimano World - Volume 8 Number 4

Shimano World - Volume 8 Number 4 front cover main image

When I first got hold of this edition of Shimano World I thought it was just a piece of meaningless PR puff. But it’s grown on me, mainly because it so perfectly captures a key moment in derailleur history - the arrival of the mainstream mountain bike. Among the more notable features are:

  • The statement on the front cover that goes: “Mountain Biking - It’s not a fad....”
  • The reference in the page 1 contents list to Deore XT as “Shimano’s dynamic new components for performance touring”. So, not for mountains then...
  • The surprisingly coherent interview with Gary Fisher (page 4) - before the rock-and-roll lifestyle took its toll.
  • The two photos showing two different Deore XT rear derailleurs (page 9 and page 10). Check out the pulley cages - neither of which I remember seeing in the flesh.
  • The prominence of BMX (and the idea, illustrated on the rear cover, that you can think you look cool in BMX gear, but your big sister knows you look a dork).
  • As for “Harvie pops the question” (page 12) - all we can say is... don’t do it Susan, he looks like a big, happy, cuddly, fun-loving, bearded, maniac....

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