Shimano New 600 EX - brochure

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After the confusing weirdness of Shimano’s 1982 600 AX series, and the charmingly tasteless, baroque, Shimano 600EX Arabesque, Shimano’s mid range component group was in serious need of a dose of simple, clean, functional modernity - and that’s exactly what their New 600 EX series delivered - in spades.

This deliciously camp, over-sized and splendidly over-styled brochure was just the tonic required to complete the image transformation. It can hardly be a coincidence that most every high-fashion hair dressing salon of the time was sporting the white on white look. And the description of New 600 EX as ‘High Energy Cycling Components’ clearly references the early 1980s Hi-NRG dance music that brought the slightly disreputable glamour of the gay clubs of San Francisco to each and every banal, suburban, mainstream disc-o-tec. I can still almost taste that horrific pairing of watery beer and plastic ‘glass’.

Donna Summer is supposed to have said that ‘I Feel Love’ became a hit because ‘it has a high energy vibe’. Shimano hoped that the same trick would work perfectly for Shimano New 600EX - and it did.

Note that scan 7 is devoted to the Shimano 105 ‘Golden Arrow’ groupset.

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