Shimano Bicycle Parts (February 1973)

Shimano Bicycle Parts - 1973 Front cover main image

This brochure was part of Shimano’s first campaign to establish itself in the West as a ‘quality’ manufacturer selling prestigious products, trying to shed its old image as a low cost producer of utility products.

It’s a pretty convincing effort, with its slightly strange hyper-realist photography and funky page layouts. You can detect a certain naivety in the thick cardboardy paper used and phrases like ‘it’s really almost a love affair between us and our product” (is it ‘really’ or ‘almost’?) - and I am sure that many a European manufacturer scoffed at Shimano’s presumptuous ambitions.

More fool them.

  • Publisher: Shimano
  • Country: Japan
  • Date: February 1973
  • Derailleur brands: Shimano
  • Derailleurs: too numerous to mention - see individual pages