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Technology Continues the Tradition

There’s something about popular history on film - it has to involve excessive dressing up, ridiculous self-adhesive moustaches and poorly executed slapstick. It’s enough to make you take an exquisitely hand-tooled horse whip to the lot of them.

Still it’s good to know that Biopace is really an omelette made with two eggs. And it is always a pleasure to see the merry robots of Shimano doing their thing. At least their timing is spot on.

In the section on the early history of transmissions (10 minutes and 5 seconds in) there is a brief but interesting shot of a Terrot derailleur. I believe this is a 1905 Terrot Model H (but I am not sure!).

I apologise for the quality of the image - perhaps it contributes an authentic flavour of that legendary VHS experience - which must be a cue for the inevitable tedious rant about the superiority of Betamax etc. etc. - a rant that is usually delivered by knowing folk who have never even touched a Betamax cassette let alone watched one. I know I haven’t.

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