Sachs Kettenschaltung Sachs-Sport

Sachs Kettenschaltung Sachs-Sport scan 1 main image

Some things that interest me about this humble document are:

  • It dates from 1977, three years before Sachs bought the Huret company. These are derailleurs manufactured by Huret and branded up for Sachs.
  • The total capacity of the Sachs-Sport derailleur is given as 27 teeth. Huret generally claimed that their identical Huret Eco had a total capacity of 31 teeth - which is a big difference.
  • The derailleur is claimed to be suitable for 3 to 6 speed rear freewheels - a somewhat odd claim for 1977, when nearly all bicycle freewheels were either 5 or 6 speed. I think this is because Sachs also used the Sachs-Sport derailleur on their Saxonette Mopeds - which had three speed freewheels.

  • Publisher: Sachs
  • Country: Germany
  • Date: this document’s code number is ‘770320’ indicating a date of March 1977
  • Derailleur brands: Sachs, manufactured by Huret
  • Derailleurs: Nothing in this collection