Romet - Rowery Instrukcja Obsługi 1977

Romet - Rowery Instrukcja Obslugi 1977 front cover main image

The 1964 and 1974 versions of this document had a certain wacky Polish style - but, by 1977 (the year The King himself checked out), style had left the building. This version looks dull, dull, dull and dull. No wonder the workers in the Lenin Shipyards kicked up such a fuss. In a small act of individualist protest, someone appears to have inserted the picture on page 20 upside down.

The expanded section on derailleurs covers page 12 to page 20. The picture of the copy of the Huret Svelto (page 16) is now identified as being a Romet branded model, and an unnamed derailleur (page 17) that is clearly a Favorit Special (1st style) makes its debut.

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