Romet - Instrukcja Obsługi Rowerów (40/72)

Romet - Instrukcja Obslugi Rowerow (40-72) front cover main image

This 1972 Romet instruction book marks the last appearance of the merry cyclist in his matching red and white (Polish national colours) check trousers and hat, and sporting his dashing red neckerchief.

I would bet a kilo of gołąbki that it also marks the very last occurrence, anywhere in the world, of a bicycle manufacturer seriously trying to sell a model fitted with a pull chain derailleur - in this case the ZZR (1st style), a copy of the 1951 Simplex Juy-51. Was this breathtaking ignorance, breathtaking arrogance - or just simply breathtaking?

The section concerned with derailleurs starts on page 15 and carries on heroically to page 22.

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