Romet - Instrukcja Obsługi Rowerów (339/72)

Romet - Instrukcja Obslugi Rowerow (339-72) front cover main image

This document takes the 1960s-style instruction booklet of early 1972 and tunes it up for the glamorous 1970s. The cover would make an excellent wallpaper design for any room with a shag pile rug and a lava lamp, and the classical Times typeface has been replaced by a sans serif font that is much groovier and up to the minute.

The derailleur section runs from page 12 to page 17. The pull-chain ZZR (1st style) derailleur is gone and, not before time, a new parallelogram design makes its appearance. The derailleur pictured is clearly a Polish copy of a Huret Svelto, but it is not clear if it is branded ZZR or Romet.

I particularly like:

  • The rather elegant drawings of human body parts on page 3 and page 27. In Poland, you clearly need to roll up your sleeves before getting torn into the manly task of repairing a puncture.
  • The collapsible tandem (page 21) - the ideal presidential limousine for any nation state crazy enough to elect lunatic identical twins as President and Prime Minister, or perhaps that should be Prime Minister and President - it’s so hard to tell.

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