Romet - Instrukcja Obsługi Rowerów 1971

Romet - Instrukcja Obslugi Rowerow 1971 front cover main image

By 1971 Romet has co-opted the cover design (and much of the content) of the ZZR instruction booklets of 1964 and 1965.

In terms of derailleurs the situation has moved on from the earlier booklets:

This is all rather strange.

  • The earlier ZZR instruction booklets show a single cable copy of a 1948 Simplex Tour de France. The latest date that I have seen this single cable model shown is in a 1967 booklet.
  • This 1971 Romet booklet is the earliest mention that I have seen of the double cable ZZR (1st style). This derailleur is a copy of the 1951 Simplex Juy-51. This implies that Romet actually introduced a copy of a 1951 design sometime after 1967, and possibly as late as 1971. What can they have been thinking of? Even behind the Iron Curtain, both Kharkov and Favorit had long adopted parallelogram derailleur designs by this date.

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