Roger Pingeon - 1970? trading card

Roger Pingeon - trading card 1970? scan 1 main image

Roger Pingeon, French, 1940 - 2017

This trading card, from an unknown publisher, depicts Roger Pingeon - who won the Tour in 1967, and then went on, in 1969, to win the Vuelta and come second in the Tour.

The text on the back of the card says something like:

“Roger Pingeon had his ups and downs and even spoke - on two occasions - of stopping riding. Fortunately for him, he did not keep his word, because he won the 1967 Tour in authoritative style.”

Roger Pingeon’s Peugeot team were resolutely faithful to Simplex - using the much-derided, plastic, Prestige Criterium derailleur to win the 1967 Tour.