Random German postcard -
VEB Renak-Werke

Random German postcard - VEB Renak-Werke scan 1 main image

This fine postcard depicts the VEB Renak-Werke, in Reichenbach. This is the factory that produced FuS and then Renak derailleurs.

When you think of a factory in the Soviet Empire in the 1970s, you would tend to think of something very like the building on this postcard. A grim, dull, outdated and rather oppressive place.

However, if you look closely at this postcard, you notice that none of the windows are broken and all of the rather ugly chimneys look fully functional. The hoarding advertising the DDR is not torn or leaning drunkenly and none of the red flags are frayed. This is a functional, functioning factory - just not one in which you might particularly want to work.