Profile of Shimano - 1978

Profile of Shimano - 1978 front cover main image

Some random things that I like about this informative booklet include:

  • The picture of the Shimano 3.3.3. pull chain derailleur with the date of 1960 (page 26).
  • The photo of the Shimano Archery giving the date as 1964 (page 26). I have to say that I have my reservations about the accuracy of this date.
  • The photo of the Shimano Eagle SPO with slots (not round holes) in its outer parallelogram plate (page 12). I have never seen one of these in the flesh.
  • The information that Shimano made a carbon/Kevlar fishing rod called the Treasure (page 9) as early as 1978 (but did not let this technology anywhere near their bicycle components until many decades had safely passed).
  • The fantastically evocative photos of 1970s computer equipment (page 10 and page 11).
  • The jolly photo of the smiling Shimano brothers (page 31). That’s a fine jacket that Keizo is wearing.