Profile of Shimano - 1975

Profile of Shimano - 1975 scan 1 main image

Some random things that I like about this informative booklet include:

  • The photo of the Shimano 600 GS (6001?), Shimano 500 and Shimano Positron (DG-100?) on scan 15. The Shimano 600 GS (6001?) has the number 600 written in an unfamiliar typeface and the Shimano 500 has slotted adjustment screws (not Phillips head ones). So both are probably prototypes.
  • The graphic that demonstrates the crucial importance of derailleurs to Shimano’s success (scan 30).
  • The claim that Shimano made its first derailleur in April 1956 (scan 35).
  • The strange cover image of what appears to be the start of and nineteenth century bicycle race (scan 1). What’s that all about? Shimano was founded in 1921 long after penny-farthings had (thankfully) disappeared.
  • The lovingly meaningless photos of the HITAC 8250 computer system, and the pride with which Shimano describes this magnificent piece of machinery (scan 11 and scan 12).
  • The excellent interior decor depicted in scan 22. It’s time for clean but lurid colours to reassert their rights to a place in modernism. Tediously cool monochromes have ruled too long.
  • The rather excellent thumbnail portraits of executives, particularly on scan 28, all of whom could be characters in The Rockford Files.
  • On scan 33, Board Director Shuzo Matsumoto is pictured enjoying a quick cigarette - not something you would often see in a glossy PR brochure today.