Phillips Range of Bicycles & Tricycles - 1953

Phillips Range of Bicycles & Tricycles - 1953 scan 1 main image

What can we draw from this rather dull document? I think:

  • The Kingfisher is the only bike listed as being fitted with a derailleur - and it’s a Phillips 3 speed model (scan 2).
  • On the back page (scan 3) the Phillips derailleur if offered with the option of 14-20T or 15-19T freewheels. Cyclo Benelux gears systems are also offered, in both 3 and 4 speed varieties.
  • I like the idea of the special ‘motorised attachment’ models (scan 2).
  • The standard margin on bikes seems to be 27.45% - which is very tight by modern standards. Purchase tax at 17.5% seems very familiar, though (scan 2).