Phillips - catalogue 1957?

Phillips - catalogue 1957 scan 1 main image

This fold-out catalogue features a rather murky black and white cover photo of a typical 1950s family (probably pronounced ‘fem-le’ by a public service voice-over) going cycling in its Sunday best (see scan 1). Mother’s summer dress sports a wild diamond pattern that would brighten any disappointingly overcast afternoon. To add realism to the Utopian scene, the youngest daughter is several sizes too big for her ‘The Red Knight’ tricycle.

As a small child, I think I may have enjoyed a Red Knight myself (in a well used and somewhat battered form). I know that my mother had several of those alarming dresses.

In contrast to my earlier Phillips catalogue, the ‘Phillips’ derailleur has disappeared and the ‘Resilion’ derailleur has appeared. This is shown as a model that attaches to the chainstay (see the Kingfisher on scan 2), and is still listed as a three speed (see scan 5). Other options offered include 3, 4 and 5 speed versions of the Cyclo Benelux or Simplex Tour de France, all of which are more expensive than the Resilion.

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Resilion 1954