Per Christiansson - 1987 postcard

Per Christiansson - postcard 1987 scan 1 main image

Per Christiansson, Swedish, 1961 - 2023

This rather clichéd postcard features Per Christiansson, a Swedish professional cyclist who has probably been forgotten by everyone except his ever-loving mother. It features a classic Italian Atala frame clothed in a handsome Italian Ofmega groupset. The back of this card refers to this groupset as ‘Gruppo Mistral’ - although the derailleur is clearly an Ofmega Premier.

On the front of the card the Atala team lists a hatful of World and Italian championships, but I am not entirely clear what they are claiming that they achieved at these prestigious occasions. Amongst all these events, Atala was only working with Ofmega for the 1986 World Championship.

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